Library in a dust storm

Reflecting back and leaping forward!


I finished 2018 with a month-long stint as Acting Library Coordinator which fueled my passion to keep learning and striving for growth in the roles I perform in the future. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, I had to ask for help; this wasn’t a bad thing! Independence is essential, but we can all do with the reminder that it is okay to ask for help.

This was an important lesson as I head full swing into 2019.

I feel like I packed a lot into 2018. My partner and I hit up Adelaide Fringe, attended weddings out of town, both work full time, and cater to the needs of a ten year old part time.

I did work experience in some Sydney libraries; they were a huge difference to the regional library I work in! Finished the Diploma of Information Services in October, and at long last, took a leap and applied for admission into the Bachelor of Information Studies (Librarianship) at Charles Sturt University.

Reflecting on 2018

Looking ahead

I never thought I was smart enough to attempt university, so I am nervous and have doubts about my academic abilities. If I could take back ten years and retain the knowledge I have now, I would.

Instead I’m starting this journey in my thirties, with my partner along for the ride. He is also commencing university for the first time, undertaking a Bachelor of Information Technology and Data Analytics, however, he has all the confidence in the world in his abilities.

That’s us summed up.

His parting advice would be the key to success is effort, and mine is not to let fear take hold, take a leap and chase your dreams!